Video Policy

At Crytek, we believe that our community comes first. The fact that you, the player, would take the time to engage creatively with our games in the form of fan-made art and videos is both humbling and encouraging. We fully support your dedication, effort, and creativity when it comes to these projects, and to ensure that your video is in line with our own standards, we have created a few simple guidelines.

Non-Commercial Use

All Crytek-owned content* used in videos has to be for non-commercial use only. This means that as the video creator, you can distribute them freely on your own website or on other websites where viewers do not have to pay to watch your video. You cannot sell or license any of your videos containing Crytek-owned content.


Advertisements before (Pre-roll), in (overlay) or to the side of the video are allowed as long as they don't limit the viewer's access. The same policy counts for other revenue-generating programs; in no way can the viewer's access be obstructed.

Premium Access

Some third party websites work with a premium membership service which allows for quick video access, aside from the standard "free" viewing method. As long as this free viewing method is provided for the video in question, Crytek does not object to it being hosted on that website.

Sponsor names, logos, or Affiliates 

Sponsor's logos may be displayed in the video, as long as it is clear they are acting as a sponsor only – either by mentioning this in the credits or putting "sponsored by" with their logo. You may not include more than 10 seconds of sponsor promotion. 

Crytek-owned logos and copyrighted images

Do not use any Crytek-owned logos (Crytek GmbH, CRYENGINE, GFACE, game logos) and copyrighted images in your video without obtaining written consent from Crytek. 

Respect creative ownership

Aside from Crytek-owned content, do not include other people's content in your video, unless you have permission to do so. Respect that other people are putting just as much time, effort, and love into their creations as you are! 


For business reasons, Crytek reserves the right to change or terminate this policy at any time. Should you have any more questions about this or any other policy, please contact

We look forward to seeing your hard work come to life!

*Crytek-owned content is the overall term that applies to all of our copyright protected products, engine licenses, game trailers, and services. This Video Policy only applies to Crytek-owned content regarding Arena of Fate, Fibble, HUNT: Showdown, Ryse for PC, Warface, The Climb and Robinson: The Journey. All other Crytek-owned content may only be used with explicit authorization by Crytek.