Robinson: The Journey

Robinson: The Journey is a first person sci-fi adventure game developed by Crytek, available for PlayStation VR and Oculus Rift. When the Esmeralda crash-lands on Tyson III, a boy named Robin is left stranded. He must rely on his wits – and HIGS, one of the ship’s AI units – to survive. more

The Climb

The Climb brings alive the excitement and thrill of rock climbing in incredible virtual reality. Players will scale new heights and explore stunning environments in a new gaming experience developed exclusively for VR, using the power of CRYENGINE™. more

HUNT: Showdown

Face off against unearthly horrors in the forgotten corners of the world. You will hunt, and you will die. But without risk, there can be no reward, and when the water runs with blood, you’d better hope it’s not your own. more

Arena of Fate®

Step into the shoes of legendary heroes from history and fantasy and lock horns in Arena of Fate; an action-packed online multiplayer game featuring 5 vs. 5 battles and fresh gameplay twists. more

The Collectables™

Available for iPhone and iPad, The Collectables boasts stunning visuals and blends action and tactics as players lead a squad of unconventional soldiers on do-or-die missions. more

Ryse®: Son of Rome

Set amid the epic age of the Roman Empire, Ryse draws gamers into a stunningly detailed world of brutal combat and revenge that only Crytek and the latest iteration of CRYENGINE can deliver. more


Drop into conflict zones around the globe and take aim in Warface. Crytek’s free-to-play shooter offers new challenges daily, as well as multiple Co-op and Versus modes to experience with friends. more

Crysis® 3

Set out on an explosive revenge mission as the Crysis series returns to take the sandbox shooter experience to a stunning new level. more

Fibble - Flick 'n' Roll®

Experience Earth from a whole new perspective as Crytek brings all the fun you can handle to mobile devices in physics-based puzzler Fibble – Flick 'n' Roll! more

Crysis® for Consoles

Crysis hit consoles in October 2011, allowing a fresh wave of players to get to grips with the original game via Xbox LIVE and the PlayStation® Network. more

Crysis® 2

After raising the bar for visual performance on PC with the original Crysis, Crytek returned to expand the experience across platforms and once again take players’ breath away in Crysis 2. more

Crysis Warhead®

Crysis Warhead, developed by Crytek Budapest, is a stand-alone expansion to Crysis and was released in September 2008. more


First released in November 2007, Crysis wowed players and critics alike with its blend of jaw-dropping visuals and innovative gameplay. more

Far Cry™

With the release of Far Cry in March 2004, Crytek brought a breath of fresh air to the FPS genre by moving away from sticky, dark corridors to beautiful, sunny beaches. To date, Far Cry has sold nearly 3 million copies worldwide. more

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