ImagTP To Discuss Using CryENGINE"® 2

Frankfurt (D) – May 26, 2008

ImagTP To Discuss Using CryENGINE® 2
The Conference is divided into multiple sessions; Casual Games, MMO's, Next Gen and Serious Games. Representatives from Crytek will be giving a series of hourly public demonstrations of their cutting edge 3D technology, the CryENGINE"® 2, at their booth located in the Main Hall.  Development teams are welcome to attend any of these presentations, as well as come to learn more about licensing opportunities. Crytek's partner ImagTP, a 3D visualization company composed of architects working together with a team of highly qualified 2D and 3D specialists, will give a keynote address at the Serious Game Session presenting their own architectural development software based on the CryENGINE"®2 technology.
About GAMEplaces Since 2006 the initiative GAMEplaces has been providing a professional business and networking platform for the games and media industry in the Frankfurt / Rhine-Main region. In this context GAMEplaces represents a series of events. Each event deals with the different aspects of 'Games & Gaming'. GAMEpalces is a Private - Public Partnership project run by Frankfurt Economic Development GmbH, Weber Networking GmbH and the German publisher association Bundesverband Interaktive Unterhaltungssoftware (BIU), and is supported by a professional advisory board. Partners are Hessen IT, program of the Hessian Ministry for the Economy, Red Carpet GmbH and Frankfurt's news radio station hr-info.  The second annual GAMEplaces International  - Conference for game developers, producers and publishers is supported by Germany's professional game magazine Gamesmarkt, Germany's lifestyle and gaming magazine Gee, Messe Frankfurt GmbH, and the Consulate General of The Kingdom of the Netherlands.
About ImagTP ImagTP is a French company founded in 2003, specializing in architectural and urban-planning visual communication. Our first IVM "® was the simulation of a dry dock marina facility project. Since then the company has rapidly begun to be recognized as one of the premier architectural pre-visualisation companies. Our ongoing activities include large urban transportation projects such as the Nice city Tramway system and the Las Vegas Bus Rapid Transit system, as well as master planning such as the revitalization planning for the  town of Cannes. We have also worked on engineering visualization projects such as complex interactive timepiece mechanisms, and visualizing luxury yachts for the boating industry. IMAGTP can provide a wide range of solutions to projects in both the public and private sectors. The company has recently signed with Veolia Transportation USA an exclusive partnership; our market now extends to Europe, United States, Canada, Africa and the Middle East.
About Crytek Crytek GmbH ("Crytek") creators of the multi-award winning first person shooter Far Cry"®, and the recent blockbuster hit Crysis"®, awarded best PC Game of both E3 2007 and the 2007 Leipzig Games Convention, and awarded Best Technology at the 2008 Game Developers Choice Awards, is an interactive entertainment development company with its headquarters located in Frankfurt Main, Germany and additional studios in Kiev, Ukraine and Budapest, Hungary. Crytek is dedicated to creating exceptionally high quality video games for the PC and next-generation consoles, powered by their proprietary cutting edge 3D-Game-Technology CryENGINE"®2. Development teams who are interested in obtaining a commercial license for the CryENGINE"® 2 middleware should visit