CRYENGINE-powered Kingdom Come: Deliverance Named Best PC Game at gamescom

Frankfurt am Main – September 01, 2017

CRYENGINE-powered Kingdom Come: Deliverance Named Best PC Game at gamescom

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a highly-ambitious, story-driven, open-world RPG set in the Kingdom of Bohemia (modern-day Czech Republic) during the time of the Holy Roman Empire. Developed by Warhorse Studios and powered by CRYENGINE, the game took home the prestigious gamescom Best PC Game award last week.

“We looked at every major technology out there and CRYENGINE suits our needs perfectly. We are confident it will allow us to make the vision for our game come true,” said Martin Klima, Executive Producer at Warhorse.

“We chose CRYENGINE mostly because of its capabilities in creating large open worlds and great tools to do it,” added Creative Director Daniel Vávra in a Developer Insight video about Warhorse’s partnership with Crytek that you can watch below.

Founded in 2011, Warhorse Studios was formed by video game industry veterans Dan Vávra and Martin Klíma and based in the Czech Republic. Kingdom Come is the studio’s first project, and it is scheduled to release worldwide on February 13, 2018 for PC, Xbox, and PS4.

“We send our congratulations to the Warhorse team, and we can’t wait to play the finished product,” said CRYENGINE Product Manager Collin Bishop. “This award is richly deserved, and demonstrates the power of CRYENGINE for developers who want to make the most innovative titles. From AAA studios to indie outfits and one-man developers, CRYENGINE’s suite of features lets the most ambitious game creators achieve their vision.”

You can find out more in our Developer Showcase and check out all the news on the game at the Kingdom Come website.