Добре дошли в Крайтек Блек Сий – София
Welcome to Crytek Black Sea – Sofia

Crytek Black Sea opened in 2008 and is the successor of the independent game developer Black Sea Studios, which was established back in 2001.

Studio Sofia

Sofia (София) is the capital of Bulgaria. It is also the largest city in the country with about two million citizens (including suburbs). Today, Sofia is a dynamic Eastern European capital, distinguished by its unique combination of European and Communist-style architecture as well as many beautiful orthodox churches. Furthermore, it claims to be one of the few European capitals with beautiful scenery and a developed ski-resort so close to it - the Vitosha mountain. The history of Sofia spans thousands of years from Antiquity to modern times, during which the city has been a commercial, industrial, cultural, and economic center in its region and the Balkans.

Crytek Black Sea is the successor of the independent game developer Black Sea Studios, which was established back in 2001. It was acquired by Crytek in 2008 and now it employs the crème-de-la-crème of the skillful and talented game developers in Bulgaria. Our team is experienced in the creation of highly playable, original, and enjoyable computer games using the usual ingredients of the stew: initial concept, programming, game design, management, animation, graphics, production, sound, and music. What we value most, though, is the gameplay - since it is the heart of the experience, no matter if it is single- or multi-player.

We are keen on keeping the gamers’ interest and offer them more and more fun as well as new ideas. We love to create completely unique worlds and attractive gameplay. We do believe in the support of our fans and online communities. We invest time and care in all gamers’ feedback and never ignore the desires, suggestions, dreams, and efforts of the fans. We believe that a successful partnership is like a brotherhood. That’s why we prefer long-term relations based on mutual trust, collaboration and respect!

Crytek is always looking for the best talent. If you have a passion for games and want to share the excitement and enthusiasm that we feel for creating great games, please contact us.


Our benefits:

  • Flexible working time
  • Free soft drinks, coffee, tea, snacks, etc.
  • Friendly and creative atmosphere in a cozy and modern office in the Business Park of Sofia
  • Team building events (Christmas party, milestone parties, etc.)
  • Medical examinations once a year
  • The challenge to work on AAA titles and gain priceless experience…And many more