Willkommen im Studio Frankfurt
Welcome to Studio Frankfurt

Crytek’s largest studio and Headquarters is located in the smallest metropolis of the world: Frankfurt.

Studio Frankfurt

Based on population, Berlin is Germany’s biggest city - but Frankfurt has the tallest buildings, the largest airport, and the most banks in continental Europe (including the European Central Bank). Located along the river Main, the impressive skyline is one of the reasons why Frankfurt is fondly called “Mainhattan”. Frankfurt cultivates tradition, innovation, history, and diversity. This captivating and attractive town is a melting pot of contrasts: small streets, busy railway stations, huge trade fairs, cozy pubs, multiplex cinemas, backyard theaters, takeout and gourmet restaurants. Not only can you find glittering office towers and multi-lane roads in the city, Frankfurt is also one of the greenest towns in Germany with many wonderful parks. And if you want to see something curious or awe-inspiring, you can either just turn around and watch your colleagues, go for a walk in the city center, or visit the Frankfurt zoo, famous for hosting Europe’s largest home for nocturnal animals.

Frankfurt is Germany’s most international city, with almost 25% of the population having foreign citizenship. Since we have over 400 people from more than 35 nations at Crytek’s Frankfurt studio, we are probably one of Germany’s most international companies. So if you’re looking for an outstanding and truly multicultural place to work in a bustling and lively city, you’ve come to the right spot.

Crytek is always looking for the best talent. If you have a passion for games and want to share the excitement and enthusiasm that we feel for creating great games, please contact us.

What can you expect when working at Crytek Frankfurt?

  • A refreshing yet highly professional atmosphere in a diverse team
  • Flexible work time
  • Competitive salary
  • Good health care benefits, including free gym membership
  • Free cold & warm drinks
  • Free public transportation ticket
  • Free German lessons (although our company language is English)
  • Assistance with getting visa and work permits
  • Relocation support
  • A company apartment for your first few months and help in finding a private apartment
  • Last but not least: FUN.