Internships / Trainees

Congratulations, you have taken the first step towards an internship with Crytek!

How does it work?

Crytek’s internship program has proven very successful in the past, with a high percentage of interns being offered permanent contracts following their studies.  The number of internships available per studio will depend on each studio’s requirements every year.  Unfortunately it is not possible to guarantee an internship opportunity in advance.

What is involved?

Each year every studio will determine its requirements for interns. To qualify you must:

  • Be a local national
  • You need to have either the will to attend to an internship program personally or the internship is required by the University

If there is not a vacancy for your chosen studio, in your specific field, then this is because we are unable to offer that internship this time round.

Internships are generally only offered for six or twelve month to applicants aged 18 or older. You will be receiving tasks that will directly contribute to the development of the game.  What do we ask of you? Be a productive and active member of the team!

Interested in applying for an internship with us?  Here’s what you do:

Complete the online application and send any supporting documentation, such as showreels etc.

If further information is needed, you will be contacted by Crytek with a request for further samples/documentation. If we think you are a capable candidate for our vacancy, we will contact you directly to further discuss your candidacy. If there isn't a fit at this time, we will send you an email informing you about our decision (this may take approximately 6 weeks).

Given the quantity of applications we receive, we are unfortunately not able to contact people individually with specific feedback. 

Good luck!



Joseph L. – Junior Animator – Crytek Nottingham

“The whole experience started back in June 09’ at Glamorgan University at Cardiff Atrium where I was studying animation. At the end of each year the university hosts an award ceremony and invites industry professionals to come and judge our work.

The event’s main sponsor was Crytek UK, attended through the representatives Damon T., the Lead Animator and Anna D., the Hr Manager.  Speaking to them after the award ceremony in the meet and greet, they offered me a chance to interview for an Intern Animator’s position at the Crytek Nottingham studio in mid July. I jumped at the chance, interviewed and got the job!

I was due to start at the end of September so I had a few months for it to sink in and once it did I couldn’t wait to start! The move to Nottingham went without any major hitches and I was given an apartment in Nottingham city centre, only minutes away from our studio. The whole process was made easy by the HR team and the only thing I had to do was turn up on my first day!

I was given a warm welcome by all the staff on arrival. They helped me settle in to the job and made me feel part of the team. It’s great learning the process of making games and what goes on behind the scenes.  It has exceeded expectations, with the workflow being a lot different than in university! But with the help of the staff I have adapted quite quickly and am enjoying every minute here!

One awesome experience that I was lucky enough to be a part of very early on was attending Crytek’s 10th year anniversary in Frankfurt, Germany! We got to travel out for one night and have a party for free! The night was amazing with red carpet, cameras and another factor, which I along with one or two others found quite interesting, was the free bar. Immediately after returning from Germany was the Christmas party which was great, I really feel I’ve been taken good care of!

It’s been a fantastic experience so far. The people have been great and I still can’t believe I get to paid to do what I love and animate!  Having started my first official year with Crytek, I am really looking forward to what it has in store!”

Laurens B. - Jr. Game Programmer – Crytek Frankfurt

"I started working at Crytek as an intern gameplay programmer, in February of 2009.  From the day one, people where extremely helpful. They taught me how to cope with large projects,  advanced debugging and improve my programming. Every day I learn new things, and my knowledge improves. For me it was a childhood dream becoming reality. From the age of 10 I dreamed of working in the game industry, and now, 12 years later, my dreams have come true, and it’s a real honor to do this at Crytek.  For me personally, what I like most about Crytek, is that everyone tries to help one another to achieve the best of the best, and they try to spread the knowledge among each other.  You get to know a lot of different people, from different cultures. Which enriches your life not only during work hours, but also far behind. It’s definitely, a life changing experience!"

Istvan P. – Jr. Game Programmer – Crytek Budapest

“I grew up as a hobbyist programmer and a big fan of hardcore multiplayer games. Coding antic heat and other tools for some of my favorite games was a pleasure for me, and there is no question that I am happy to be involved in game development as part of the team. I studied Information Technology at the University of Budapest for Technology and Economics (BME) before I started working as an intern at Crytek. 

I started working for Crytek Hungary in the Summer of 2008 as an Intern Server QA Programmer and maintained the internal build system, and currently I work as a junior game programmer. What I like about Crytek is the great international work environment and the helpful/friendly teammates. I am very happy to have the opportunity to gain insight into the CryEngine and learn from the most talented game developers in the industry. 

In the last 2 years I learned a lot from my teammates and came to know the different areas of game programming. The trust and respect shown by senior people is motivating and the managers are also very kind and it makes this a great place to work. From the start, the level of responsibility given to has encouraged me to keep pushing my limits further.”

Julia N. – AI Programmer – Crytek Kiev

“I am a student of Kiev Polytechnic Institute in the Applied Mathematics department. I was interested in working in the game development industry but I had no relevant experience. So for me Crytek’s Internship Program was a chance to join an international game development company. I am happy to work in such a friendly, helpful, talented and ambitious team where I can gather new experience and improve my skills.

I joined Crytek in January 2009 as an Intern Programmer to write my master thesis on the topic “Anti-aliasing Algorithms Research in Voxel Graphics”. So I have an outstanding opportunity to undertake my internship and write my scientific thesis at the same time. “


Nikolay D. – Intern QA Tester – Crytek Kiev

“I am currently a student at the Kiev National University of Trade and Economics, in the merchandizing department. Before I had the opportunity to start working as an intern at Crytek I worked at “Fozzy Group” as a Store Assistant.

Computer games always were my hobby and so very excited to start my career at Crytek with an  Internship as a QA Tester. The internship program gave me the opportunity to start my carrier from scratch, because I did not have any real experience in this industry. This is a very professional and ambitious team, and we have an excellent work atmosphere. I have the chance to see firsthand how games are made. My main duties are: build testing; merging build testing; content testing; new bug detection and creation; development of new test scenarios and play test organization. When I arrived at Crytek my teammates helped me to accommodate and to obtain basic skills in this area. Additionally, this job gives me new possibilities, e.g. I can improve my English in an international environment and meet interesting people.”