VR Insight: January 2017

January 17, 2017 by Crytek

VR Insight: January 2017

We’re all VR fanatics here, right? Absolutely right. With two VR titles out now—The Climb for Oculus Rift and Robinson: The Journey for PS VR and (coming soon!) for the Rift—you could probably guess that VR is something of an obsession with us. Every month we’ll be putting together a collection of links that caught our eye on the topic so we can all geek out together. Welcome to episode one.

Is it an experience or is it an experience?

Is it an experience or is it a game? It’s a question we hear people discussing a lot as new VR titles hit headsets worldwide. But how do we define the borderlands between an experience and a game in this new way of interacting with software? The German language has two words for experience: Erfahrung and Erlebnis. This article on Road to VR looks at what the VR industry (and VR players) can learn from the difference between Erfahrung and Erlebnis when talking about VR. 

Why are dinosaurs everywhere? Because dinosaurs are awesome.

You should hear our Executive Producer Elijah Freeman talk about dinosaurs. Ask him about the dinosaurs in Robinson: The Journey, and his eyes light up like a kid on Christmas morning. In this Engadget article, Timothy J. Seppala speculates on why dinosaurs are the darlings of VR developers with our very own Elijah and Environmental Artist Derrick Hammond from Oculus VR.

2016 was the year of VR and a year of awards.

Indulge us while we blow our own trumpet, but we were super proud to see our talented team and their commitment to VR recognized by the industry. One highlight was seeing The Climb on Kotaku’s Best 16 Games of 2016 List and with excellent company. And, of course, The Climb’s win of the very first VR Now Grand Prize and double win at the German Developer Awards and make the list as well.

2017: where will VR go next?

What will 2017 bring? What new VR hardware and software will come out? What evolutions can we expect to see in the medium? And what will we be up to next? Watch this space for all things Crytek, and when it comes to trends in the VR industry as a whole, Jamie Feltham has compiled a list of some of the big questions on the minds of VR players and devs for 2017 on Upload VR.

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