New Kickstarter campaign invites support for "Umbra"—a beautiful indie hack 'n' slash created with CRYENGINE

May 18, 2015 by Crytek

New Kickstarter campaign invites support for Umbra—a beautiful indie hack n slash created with CRYENGINE

During GDC earlier this year, our booth was home to six indie teams creating new games with CRYENGINE. Among them was SolarFall Games—a small French studio working on an action RPG by the name of "Umbra".

Last week, SolarFall launched a Kickstarter campaign to try and secure funding for the game, which has left early observers impressed thanks to its combination of dazzling visuals and innovative hack 'n' slash gameplay.

As SolarFall's Project Leader Daniel Dolui puts it, Umbra's main strength lies in the infinite possibilities it offers players by using procedurally-generated content to shape everything from environments to skills and spells. "We give the player many different possibilities and different powers—so we have passive skills that really change the way people play. And we also have procedurally-generated powers which will fit the gameplay style of the player. For example, according to your play style, the game will generate unique 'Apocalyptic Upgrades' for your character. All of these upgrades will provide a new look and new powers for your character. So, since we don't really want to put any limitations on players, that's the way we hope to introduce lots of possibilities into the game."


Also among those possibilities is the freedom for players to create their own living quarters and weapons in almost infinite detail—making each player's experience even more unique. 

Daniel says Kickstarter is the perfect option for the studio as they look to remain 100% independent. "We are running the project with passion and funding it with our depleting savings," says Daniel, before outlining just some of the benefits for those who back Umbra. "Kickstarter will have tons of advantages for backers. There will be some exclusive skins for armors, weapons, and pets. The game will also cost you less money and you will receive exclusive access to a prototype. The most generous backers will also have the ability to name an enemy or create one with us. You can even have your face painted on the wall of an important building to illustrate your personal status within the game!"

Take a look at SolarFall's Kickstarter video for Umbra above, and visit their official campaign page if you'd like to support the six-man team behind the game.