Exploring Robinson: The Journey

January 23, 2017 by Crytek

Exploring Robinson: The Journey

Robinson: The Journey is coming soon to Oculus Rift! As we look forward to the Rift launch—hot on the heels of Robinson’s debut on PS VR—we’re taking a look back at the game’s production. Check out insights from our developers to find out what it was like to create a first-person sci fi adventure game in VR below.

A hundred thousand details make a world.

“When the concept of non-linear gaming first began to emerge in the '80s, the possibility that players would one day explore game worlds without boundaries was a distant but beguiling dream. As technology advanced, and 3D environments took over, that possibility became much more of a reality and the push began to turn those worlds into ever more realistic virtual playgrounds – living, breathing realizations of new universes, where you couldn't just go anywhere, but could also do just about anything.”

Read 3D Artist Tom Deerberg’s take on worldbuilding in Robinson.

Make the game you’ve always wanted to play.

“Try everything. Keep only the very best ideas. Make the game you've always wanted to play.
That, in a nutshell, has been the development philosophy behind Robinson: The Journey. Rather than use every VR feature just because ooh, shiny new tech!, the team carefully prototyped and considered each element of gameplay and locomotion and kept only the most intuitive, natural, and fun.”

Find out what the Game Design and Programming Team of Robinson have to say about the philosophy behind Robinson development.

If a tree falls in a VR forest, does it make a sound?

“You've seen the horror films. A group of people are lost in the woods, and they are terrified. The woods are full of sounds—birds; rustling leaves; cracking, creaking branches; wind—but no one notices until it goes silent. That's when everyone knows something has gone horribly, horribly wrong. It makes a good metaphor for audio engineering in games.”

Find out how the Robinson Audio Team addressed the challenges of designing sound for VR.

Words are great, but video is awesome too. Check out the Robinson trailer below:


Can't wait for Robinson to hit the Rift? Pick up your copy on PS VR today or check out more details on our website.