Crysis 3 new patch update available now!

April 02, 2013 by Crytek

Crysis 3 new patch update available now!

A few weeks after the Crysis 3 release, Crytek has released the latest all platform patch update for the game. Some of the changes being implemented are reduction in bandwidth usage, fixed crashes and freezes, and customization of ADS sensitivity through console commands. Below is an extensive overview of the latest update which should answer a variety of community questions.

You can read the full patch notes on MyCrysis here.

Could you elaborate on “Reduction in bandwidth usage”?  Will this help to reduce some of the latency issues some users have been experiencing?

Reduction in bandwidth usage most certainly will give an improvement to latency. We’d also advise users to check the location of the server they’re attempting to play on.


You mention “Ability to customize ADS sensitivity through console commands” but what are these commands, how should we use them?

There are two ADS & console commands;

  • cl_sensitivityMultiplierADS – this is a multiplier on top of the existing scope multiplier. If you want weapons to be generally more responsive when in ADS, make this >1.0. If you want them less responsive, make it <1.0
  • cl_sensitivityOverrideADS – this is a multiplier that ignores the existing scope multipliers. It’s a flat override. This should always be <1.0

The patch mentions “Fix drawner FOV being reset every play spawn”. Could you tell us how to change the FOV in Crysis 3? 

The FOV allows us to give players a bit more customization in their gameplay, so they’re better able to setup their game in a way the best suits their play style and personal preference.

To change the FOV you need to make use of 3 main cvars;




Respectively they control the main view FOV, the sprinting FOV and the FOV applied to the first person weapon. The view FOV is can be adjusted between 25 and 80, we would highly recommend keeping them all at the same value.


When you mention the “Option to turn off squad & clan support when balancing” is this going to be server by server or something different?

We’re offering the opportunity for this to be handled on a server by server basis. This is done through the commands;



Newer versions of the server documentation will be uploaded once the patch is released.


So it looks like the boss fight is fixed with the note “Fixed crashes/freezes of the game after the boss fight” and “Fixed the issue with the boss not being triggered correctly” but will this have any impact on other issues such as corrupted save games (specifically Red Star Rising)?

The corrupted save game issue in Red Star Rising was also resolved with this fix. We should stress though that each save game scenario is different and we cannot guarantee a 100% fix for every single one.

You mentioned the “Fix for after match award dogtags failing to unlock” but what about the missing dogtags some users already earned?

For all platforms, this fixes a few issues with dogtags never unlocking (the main one being max suit), unfortunately since this was the unlock specifically that failed they will still need to be earned.

For consoles specifically, they’ll also be receiving the fixes that have already been rolled out on PC which addresses the dogtags re-locking themselves when re-entering multiplayer. The dogtags affected by this issue will now automatically unlock without the need to re-earn them.


The patch note “Additional fix  for limit number of muted DX debug runtime error to bare minimum to help tracking issues early” is a little unclear, could you elaborate?

This is another fix focused on the DX11 API which will help prevent a number of driver crashes.


For the fix “fixed secret email not unlocking properly after collecting all intel in the levels”, will this now unlock itself or am I going to have to replay the game?

This unlock will only be possible for players that have not already earned the associated 360 achievement yet.


“AMD feature updates for Eyefinity and HD3D support” Tell us more about these!

For Eyefinity an AMD triple head setup should now be auto-detected and the HUD/intro movies are shifted to the user’s middle monitor.  Of course a couple of cvars exist to help tweak this which are;



HD3D supported was added this patch for users that want to enable r_StereoAMD3D.  When a user turns this cvar on, if they have hardware 3d support for their graphics card and monitor, the game will automatically lock itself into 3D mode. On the other hand if the cvar is turned off then this won’t have any impact and the user can still select side-by-side or interlaced in the 3D menu options.

This is just another aspect to this patch designed to give the user more control over their setup and feel of Crysis 3.